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Oh man, you already covered Thrawn (my second favorite character) and now Tarkin (my third)

I'm very excited now.

Wolf, your thread about IG-88 opened my eyes. I knew a little about him (it) and did a little reading. I had no idea how much he was capable of. I'm a little disappointed at the fact that they made him attempt to take over the galaxy. Reading what you wrote sparked my interest but once I read about his plot I knew they would quickly get rid of him.

Thanks again, both of you! I'm looking forward to many more
Tarkin is such a great character in my opinion. Despite being pretty evil, he did a lot for the Empire.

I was disappointed by IG's ending as well. I feel that there could have been a different route for him to take. Regardless, the IG-88's were awesome pieces of technology.
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