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12.28.2012 , 06:27 PM | #551
Where do you see that the price goes up to $20 for subscriber if you do not pre-order? When I look in the FAQ all it says is that pre-order gives 5 days early access.

Quote: Originally Posted by canuckly View Post
Continue your Star Wars™ saga with a new level cap of 55.
Experience new epic story content with fully-voiced cinematic conversations.
New Planet: Makeb - Explore a vibrant alien landscape.

more than enough info for me to pre order something for 10 dollars that will be 20 dollars for everyone else that is a complete idiot that sits and waits because they want every little detail they can't figure out things for themselves

like for example with what we know im sure they will add more gear more ops more world bosses more flash points is it really that hard to grasp even though they don't tell you everything by now people should have some idea what this would include and draw up their own conclusions and if they can't then wait either spend the 20 dollars when we know exactly what it will include then by that time everyone will comeback here saying i should of only had to pay 10 dollars because i was idiot and wanted to know every single detail about the expansion