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I'm giving this one to Grievous.

Land Battle: Say for example that we're not talking about the entire CIS forces in the galaxy, on a standard battlefield there's still going to be more droids, but the Mandalorians have the upper hand. Being superior warriors they could just hold back the droids so that their elite could make decisive strikes. The water muddies however when we throw in Ventress, elite battle droids, CIS vehicles, etc, so this would have to be a draw.

Space Battle: Whilst the Mandalorians have some strong ships and fighter pilots going for them, I'm going to have to draw attention to CIS powerhouses such as the Malevolence, and the vast variety of dreadnoughts under Grievous' command. Maybe it would be close and I can see Mandos excelling on a boarding raid, but this one has to go to the Separatists.

1v1 Duel: Mandalore is a strong fighter, but so is Grievous. Without the General's cyborg upgrades they would have been on par, perhaps with MtU coming out a bit ahead. However, with four sabers and the other cyborg boosts, Grievous has the definite upper hand. Yeah there is the point about beskar, but one of those sabers has to get through eventually.

So yeah, Grievous.