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12.28.2012 , 05:28 PM | #543
wow i can believe all the butt hurt people over this expansion its very simple they gave us a basic outline on what to expect more levels more abilities new planet comparable to taris hoth or tatoonie they gave subscribers til jan 7 to save 10 dollars didn't have to do this they could of easily charged everyone 20 dollars so be thankful for that because for 10 dollars even if it ends up being a dlc type addition which is what they should of called it this new addition will probably provide more content then most dlc/expansion at the 10 dollar - 20 dollar price range and again very simple you don't know what else could be included so if you dont feel like blindly paying 10 dollars for the info they gave you then wait for more spend the 20 dollars or dont i really dont care just get over the whole entitlement of how they should tell us everything