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I am not going to go into a large lengthy explanation regarding my choice(At least I don't think I am), but I personally believe General Grievous would be 'capable' of winning this Kaggath.

Mandalore the Ultimate, as any Mandalore is, is quite the fighter and strategist. All mandalorians are well known for their skill and battle prowess thanks to the customs of their culture. We can go ahead and look at the Mandalorian Wars as an example of how well skilled these men and their leader are, outwitting and fighting with a brutality that severely threatened the Republic. All Mandalorians are strong in their own right and their leader more often than not takes that skill even farther.

However General Grievous, depending on the deeper specifications of his 'Power Base'. One could say that the Mandalorians only got as far as they did in their war since the Republic was lacking in the 'shoot to kill' department and had their morals, while when Revan came in he fought without fear and with intent to kill. Grievous nor his droids will have any probably doing whatever it takes to succeed, and Grievous himself is an incredible strategist. Before his time as the infamous cyborg he was a normal Kaleesh and fought in what I believe was the Huk Wars, a invasion of his homeworld by large technologically advanced insects. When Grievous entered the war, which they were losing at this point, managed to almost single handedly(Easily disputable, but there is a notable change as soon as he steppe in) change the tide of the war, amassing over I believe 40 kills at age 12. He even managed to push back the invaders and take the fight to their home planet, only through republic interference was his people defeated. Grievous alone is a powerful opponent capable of killing multiple jedi in a single battle, and is quite capable of defeating Mandalore the Ultimate in a 1 v 1 fight. His skill with his four lightsabers should easily overwhelm Mandalore, and before his cyborg days Grievous was incredibly skilled with a ranged rifle.

I think that alone, even with the Mandalorians great skill and knowledge in War, gives Grievous a tactical advantage. However the difference is that Grievous will be fighting with droids, not his trusted Kaleesh whom he could once rally. Another difference would involve the fact that Grievous's natural aggressiveness was changed in the surgery that rendered him a cyborg, which could greatly change the strategist in him that turned around the Huk Wars. Grievous alone is a powerful opponent capable of killing multiple jedi in a single battle. However his army consisting of droids is the weak point which I can say with certainty most Mandalorians wouldn't have a lick of trouble tearing apart. It falls down to the specifications of the numbers and the men/machines making up each army to decide who would win.
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