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Hello everyone! The purpose of this thread is to make suggestions as to how to improve the PvP community as a whole with an emphasis on organized ranked warzones. Regular Warzones simply have a too big population to account for. So organizing something in regular warzones isn't really an option. I can only encourage good pubs to roll imp alts or new mains, but I'd rather focus on organizing ranked warzones where we can control what is going on! Keep in mind I'm making this because of what Devildog posted in the ranked warzones clarification thread, this is not to make competition to his idea but to help it. Lastly french is my main language so sorry if something is misunderstood.

First, what I mean by organized ranked warzones is that we should make a thread that plan when some players will be queuing. This thread is basically only there to help us figured out how that organized ranked wz thread will work. Organized ranked wz could include full guild premade like LD50 or Uncensored, but I'd prefer if the focus was on making BALANCED teams that would help players learn, get EWH(for what it's worth lol) and HAVE FUN so they get interested in playing more ranked wz and getting better. In a perfect world, the night were that stuff would be scheduled, everyone willing to play ranked warzones would join a balanced team and not queue with their full guild. But it's not the end of the world if some people queue with full guild anyway I guess. Also, if it's a guild that isn't already established as a PvP powerhouse, letting them queue in full guild wouldn't be a bad thing as it would let them work on their teamwork. An example of this would be teamluckyseven.

Now I'm going to list the ideas I had while thinking about how to make organized ranked warzones happen. This is a bit like a brainstorm. Please comment about the ideas or post your own. Criticism is good as long as it is constructive.

- Give the teams a list of things to say in vent for teamwork. It may seem basic, but when I queued with pug groups or other guilds than Uncensored, I've often been surprised by the SILENCE in vent. I do not know if it's because people are shy or too focused on trying to play well, but teamwork is the foundation of ranked warzones. People need to call focus target for the DPS, healers need to call who need heal because he's getting focused and you can call your CC so they don't get broken. Then there is the whole leading the team for objective play, like who go help the off node when it's getting attacked.

- It's crucial that people TALK. I do not know how to solve that problem, and sometimes the team play well even without good communication, but talking will make the whole thing funnier and the team better. So please, even if you are unexperienced or shy, make an effort!

- If you want to participate in this, you should leave your ego at the door. The purpose of organized ranked warzones would be to improve the community before all. I know a lot of players of Uncensored have a very good rating, but they also have alts so most of them should be able to play anyway.

- Don't rage. Imo that's extremely important. Maybe we should even make a rule about booting someone that rage so he doesn't mess up everything. But that's more personnal of me, so I'll be looking for you comments as to what is reasonable for "raging". I think that when one player is blaming others or being really negative, it makes everything feel *******r.

- Let's promote it in the PvP channel! I'll try to spam a message telling people to go register in the organized ranked warzones thread when I make it.

- Gear requirements. I'm unsure of what is the correct decision. I guess it depend on how easy it is to balance the team. But honestly, with the current state of the game, getting full WH augmented is EASY so if you're interested in ranked PvP, the least you can do is spend one week farming your WH on one character.

- Spec requirements. I don't want any BUT I think people should be reasonable in their spec choice. When I tried to help TL7, one of their sorcerer was hybrid healing-madness or something weird like that. I tried to convince him that his spec was simply not bringing anything significant to the table, as in there was no real reason to use that instead of full heal or full DPS or what Surrena does. I think that people should be open to suggestion and try to improve. But at the same time, I personally had an argument with my guild over the potency of the marksman spec for sniper so I know how it feels to be forced to not play what you want and that's why I want everyone to play what they like. Still, if you're an assassin deception, buy field respec and respec to tank when it's huttball. This is just common sense.

- If possible, try to use warzone medpacs and adrenals. The best would be to also bring grenades, but I don't even have them when I run seriously with Uncensored so I can't really push people to do that without being an hypocrite lol.

- We could use a custom channel to help with the organization in game.

- The way I see the Organized Ranked Warzones thread working is people only post about the time and organization of the upcoming event OR post their "profile" like their name and specs etc. The OP would be updated with the current information of the next upcoming event.

Alright I'm done, sorry for the wall of text, but I felt like trying to do my part to make things funnier for everyone. This thread purpose is to get feedback on the ideas displayed above and to discuss them and other suggestions.

One last thing... I'd rather not be the one being a team captain or organizing the event. If you feel up to the task, please step up. I'll be there to support as best as I can, but from my experience I'm a terrible leader.
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