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"I do not waste my teachings on the weak."- King Adas, the Sith'Ari

It has been a while since I did a character thread, so here it is. I had originally planned to do Odan-Urr or Exar Kun, but I thought it would be nice to do a thread on the little known King Adas.

Thousands of years before the birth of the Galactic Republic, a child was born on Korriban. The newborn Adas was far different from the other members of the Sith species, for his skin was charcoal-colored. The Sith considered him a "chosen" being, and raised him as such. The young Sith would grow considerably in size, intelligence, and strength in battle.

When Adas had matured, he encased his body in powerful armor and used Sith magic to alchemically create a powerful battle-ax. Using these weapons, Adas led a brutal campaign across Korriban, slaughtering those who opposed him. When he was done, he had united Korriban under his banner and was named the undisputed King of Korriban. The Sith believed that his reign would be eternal, and worshipped him as a god. As such, they proclaimed him the Sith'Ari, Overlord, and first Sith Lord.

Three hundred years in to his reign as King, the Infinite Empire moved against him. They sent scouts to gain Adas' trust, by teaching him how to create Holocrons. The Sith'Ari created his own personal Holocron to pass his teachings on to those strong enough to learn.

But he was deceived. The Rakatan Infinite Empire launched a massive invasion against the Sith. In retaliation, King Adas led the Sith against the overwhelming numbers of the Rakatans. With his Battle-ax in hand, King Adas cleaved through the ranks of the technologically superior Rakatans, and led the Sith to victory.

However, King Adas was not done with the Infinite Empire yet. His forces stole the hyperspace capable ships of the Rakata and marched to claim more territory. His armies claimed such worlds as Tund and Malachor and even the future Sith homeworld of Ziost. But it was not to last. During the Sith campaign, Adas perished before he could exact his full vengeance. He was claimed to be immortal, but even the great Sith'Ari could die.

Without the true Sith'Ari to lead them, the Sith fell into civil war. Pretenders claimed the title for themselves, but none could unite the Sith. The great Empire of King Adas crumbled and the Sith capital was moved to Ziost.

King Adas was feared by his people millenia after his death.

King Adas' Holocron was passed down across millenia, it had even fallen into the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Jedi Order. Eventually, however, the Holocron came to the Dark Lady Lumiya and was returned to Korriban.

King Adas was a god to his people, feared and worshipped by the Sith. His reign was said to be eternal, that his rule was annointed by The Force itself. As the Sith'Ari and first Sith Lord, Adas was the greatest warrior among his people. King Adas firmly believed in the strong ruling the weak and executed those that were too weak to serve him. When Adas killed those that challenged his rule, he would slay them and drink their blood in honor of their battle.

King Adas was a practitioner of Sith magic, which he used to create two Battle-ax's. Skilled in battle as he was, when the Jedi Exiles came to Korriban, the Sith believed that they were far more powerful than the Sith'Ari. They called Ajunta Pall the "Blood heir" to King Adas.

*What does Sith'Ari mean? (and don't wookiee it )

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