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Are you serious? Have you ever played a normal Bioware game? It would still be a fully voiced game, it would simply be one storyline not 8. That one storyline would have much more room to expand based on your choices. There would likely be about 10 or so companions, because they only have the one story to worry about. This was already discussed earlier in the thread.

It being an MMO adds that content like FP's, Ops, and PvP, but in exchange the story has to be thinner and more linear. To make up for the cost and to allow it to work in an MMO frame.
Yes I've played many many Bioware single player games. The last one being Mass Effect 3. I'm a big fan of Mass Effect, but still I was completely finished with that game in april. Completed it several times etc. It was the same with Dragon Age. Single player games have very a very short lifespan. SWTOR isn't done. Theres far more content on the way, which means the story will live on for many many years. Isn't that a good thing instead of the game being forgotten within a year?
SWTOR I've played since beta last year, I still play it xx hours a day, I'm far from finished with it. I have the choice between being with 42 companions.

Theres a lot more story in SWTOR than any single player Bioware game combined. Even clearing out a prison on Belsavis is considered to be part of YOUR characters story. Its not confined to only the class story quests.
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