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I haven't had her in my party long, but I was savvy enough to have Flashpoint-acquired gear waiting for her when I did. I don't mind that she had a saber already. As of Quesh, you were giving her a bit of training (at least I was - Daddy Grell asked nicely), so it's not a stretch that she could at least handle a training saber.

My BIG complaint is that she's recruited so late! Heck, most of the other classes have all their crew by the time they're off Hoth, so why are we waiting so long for this sweetheart?

Personality: She is SUCH a sweetie. I'm playing a female Consular to avoid the uncomfortable implications of Master/Padawan romance (Felix is a great guy, and too bad Holiday got jealous, so I'm cool on that front, anyway). She pulled double her weight before I even recruited her - just wished I could take her out to see the galaxy a little sooner. And I wanted the option to pull her away from her daddy's remains give her a hug (kinda like Shep had with Tali)! The kid needs it.

Her dad? I REALLY liked him. GREAT character, and I was freaking tempted to haul that Sith back to my boat for a long "talk" with Zenith and me behind closed doors (because I'm SURE Zenith has some creative ideas on interrogation methods) , but held back because Daddy Grell would have been the first guy on the boat trying to talk me out of it (Felix would be the second). So basically, I'm trying to do right by her because I want to do right by Daddy's memory. NICELY PLAYED, Bioware!

She thinks you're brave, strong, good, and wise. She's trusting you already. Don't screw it up.

Mechanics wise? Nice to see someone who can use my perfectly-serviceable old gear. I actually put a lot of the Recruit PvP gear on her because it's got good L50 stats, but you can't sell it (you get ONE credit for it!). I'll grind for better, but it's nice to have that stopgap for hand-me-down gear. She isn't a damage sponge like Qyzen, but she's a lot less inclined to hit targets I already stunned. Been running her on Ilum, and she handles crowds nicely with those Force booms of hers.
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