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I feel like the only reason people can't wrap their heads around the fact that the Clone Wars era was the golden age of the Jedi is because there isn't really that much of a visible advancement in technology and the teachings of the Jedi between the Cold War of the mmo and the Clone Wars (I know that there is advancement, but it is difficult to see from a first glance).

It makes logical sense to assume that the Jedi Order that fought constantly against Sith would be the superior warriors, but they don't take into account the fact that the order of Yoda has the advantage of coming after those turbulent times. The order changed the combat styles so drastically because they were able to see what did and didn't work and change the training accordingly. It's only logical in that sense that the later orders would have more advanced combat techniques. Front-line experience is always better than only training, but their superior training means that when it is time for combat against a Sith they will be ready.

They would probably be better in the force as well, since they had the advantage of A) not being in constant war with the Sith (only occasional situations that had to be dealt with, not wars) and B) knowing that there were most likely Sith still out there and having to rely on meditation and the force to discover them. This, coupled with the same logic of advancement as above, would most likely mean that they would be better in this aspect as well.

Having worked out this logic (aided with the other responses I've read) has ironically helped me switch sides and say that Revan would probably lose to Vader (although I still say it would be a good fight).

All the talk about Revan in the clone wars era though has me intrigued. What would he be like in that time period? Would he still be destined to go to the dark side during the clone wars? How would he get along with Jedi like Anakin or Obi-Wan? Too bad we will never know
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