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I don't think I've mentioned Revan in any thread since the revisit. Assume what you wish.

Biased is a strong word and I'll admit to it. But I give Revan credit where credit is due.

You do know Yoda was training the Jedi to fight armies of Sith, yes? The Golden Age may not be battle hardened warriors, but they have a deep connection to the Force only rarely seen in the Old Republic times. And to say the Golden Age had no combat experience is simply false. Tensions with the Trade Federation, Yinchorri Uprising, Clone Wars, Stark Hyperspace War, as well as the standard missions that Jedi went on in service to the galaxy. And as I said before, they were training to fight Sith. They made radical changes to the Lightsaber Forms and meditated on the mysteries of The Force. Not only that, but the Jedi sparred against each other regularly to hone their skills. The may not be battle hardened, but when the battles came they were ready.

Oh, and Plo Koon defeated Ventress with ease. So he has faced Force users before.

Think what you wish, but the Golden Age Jedi Masters are in a league of their own.
Have you ever employed someone who you had to train and then got someone who knew what they were doing through Person experience? Totally different people and the knowing what you are doing first hand is always better than someone who just read about it.

I cannot believe you used Ventress is in all fights ends up running for her life . I would not count her as much and neither did Dooku and I will take the words of a Character of fiction over yours with this !

First Sith to enter the Golden Age and fight a Jedi was Mual and he killed one of those Trained to Fight Sith Jedi you are talking about . Maul much like Anakin lost to Obi-Wan due to EGO .
Golden Age Jedi are only given most powerful because Lucas wanted and rightfully so his Creations to be the best . But now that Lucas is out teh Picture we can go with Common Sense and Reality in how things work.

Golden Age Jedi might have been trained to be prepared for a Sith comeback but they failed in preventing it .
2 Sithlords pretty much bested the entire Republican and every Golden Age Jedi !
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