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Don't know how my threads (besides the Revan ones) are biased, but whatever.
You write theards as someone who claims to only want to show what happened but then while writing the Revan thread you showed Complete Biased for the Character , so I can only conclude that every thread you write now is going to have Bias and Opinion rather than just what is.
Revan is my third favorite Star Wars character. Actually, no. Darth Revan is.
Wow Revan is not even in my top 5 , I guess to like him more means to be Biased against him often.
Actually, had Order 66 not been initiated, the Republic would have won the war. And Plo Koon was one of the leading generals. He was a High General, which means that lesser Jedi would be under his command.
Ahh you see that is a WHAT IF , no WHAT HAPPENED . According to you the Golden Age is full of the best but Revan in a "LESSER TIME"(By you logic and post) Did with Lesser Jedi than Plo Koon could do with Better Jedi.
(Not to my Belief because Revan had alot of GREAT JEDI who worked with him and were his Generals)
Darth Revan killed Jedi Masters and Sithlords , Plo Koon fought Driods and none forceUsers. If Revan would have been in the Golden Age , he would have made Plo Koon poop his pants . Revan by Character alone was someone that was going to do something and the timeline would not have mattered. Its how he was writen and you can go all day blasting Drew for it but its no different than the many others who were writen like that. To say Revan would get Steam Rolled by anyone is a stretch .
Revan and Meetra are Battle Hardened Heros who fought and killed ForceUsers of the likes Plo Koon and most Jedi in the Golden Age never had to face . Beyond all Revan and Meetra would be just fine and hold their own against any Golden Age Jedi . The whole Golden Age thing is tired and old , skill can be just as great in the past and it is in the future . One can Argue that its not the skill that changed but the state of mind .
In the Golden Age Jedi know very little conflict till the Clone Wars , but in The Old Republic there is constant Conflict of the likes the Golden Age Jedi only read about .
Being a Battle Hardened Worrior Matters and should never be seen as a PUSH OVER OR SIMPLE FIGHT !

Of course Plo Koon would lose to Vader! Many of Plo Koon's most powerful abilities wouldn't really affect him. Force Lightning? Nope. Alter Environment? Maybe the removal of oxygen, but even then it is severely limited. Djem So? Plo Koon is arguably the second greatest practitioner of Djem So, Vader is the number 1.

Sooner of later writers and editors are going to move past these set standards that Lucas had that was made to make sure he could write his books and make his movies without conflicting stories . Eventually the Golden Age will see a Wash that will stop this neverending unrealistic terms of MOST POWERFUL SKILLED BLAH BLAHS of their time . Likely in Ep7 is when it will start.

I think the reason why so many people cannot get their heads around the Golden Age Rules is because in EU there is clearly more reason for better warriors Past the Clone Wars and Before the Golden Age .
Someone who is skilled in Real Combat is always going to be better than someone who just Practices it and never seen it.
Clearly Plo Koon comes into the War but he never lives past it and had he been from less Peaceful times he would without a doubt been able to know not to fully trust the Clone Troopers and most likely the Clone Wars would have been over with faster than it Started.
Sidious was in the best timeline for his plans and without a doubt why noone from his line attempted it before him . The Jedi were not Prepared for the Likes of Sidious or a full out War and that is Proven !
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