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Chalk it up to an awful night at work and a good night in the warzones, but I literally dreamed of a new warzone idea.

The map looked a lot like Denova crossed with Belsalvis, and the general idea was "capture the flag."

Each team has a base and in the base there are three prisoner cells. (The "flags"). In the center, there's a "no man's land" with turrets and players acting as sentries.

The goal is to send some folks across No Man's Land, into the other player's base, retrieve a prisoner and escort them back to your base without getting killed. First to three rescued prisoners or the most in 10 minutes wins.

-- The prisoner is a non-combatant and follows the rescuer like a pet.
-- You can "pass" a prisoner to another player like a Huttball.
-- You cannot stealth when you have a prisoner following you.
-- Defenders can use the turrets like in Colicoid War Games. Those turrets will HURT, taking out large chunks of Hit points or even insta-kill for squishier players. Of course, enemy players can also capture turrets and act as a pain in the shebs while their buddy sneaks a prisoner across.

Overall, it seems like it would be feasible to program, using elements from existing missions and aspects of the game. I just hope the fellows in Austin weren't thinking of something similar and now I jinxed it.
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