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I played when the game was first released then took a break. I played a commando before and am doing so again. Before I leveled as a healer and just used my DPS companion. Is this a complete waste of time? If not, could you help me with some possible builds? Should I go into DPS before I go into heals at all?

Any help would be great thanks.
If you inlocked your legacy tree, you can add legacy perks to increase the speed of your progression in game. Leveling a healing sage, and it's really easy because am gaining 36% XP on my class quest and PVP.

In my humble opinion, level as a healer. You can only get the rotation down well when you do that. I see players in level 50 PVP heal, it hurts to watch them, because they do not understand their abilities and haven't learned when to use them.

Of course you will eventually figure it out, but when you level a class, you can stop playing that class for awhile and comeback to it and pick it up like nothing.

I went full combatmedic. Accept I put all my extra points in AIM for gunnery.