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I did but at this point I am going to discard anything you write as it is wroten by a Biased Hand .

Revan is in my Top 10 favorite StarWars Characters and you belittle his character with extreme Bias ! Why should I respect anything you write when you Protect Plo Koon and put down Revan ?

Revan won Wars, Plo Koon lost the only War he seen ! Revan Lead Generals , Plo Koon was a General .

Take it how you will but as long as you show Biased when it suits you , I will never respect your Debat .

I am not arguing Revan will lose to Vader , I am arguing the point you are saying that he would get Steam Rolled.
Plo Koon would lose to Vader too !
Don't know how my threads (besides the Revan ones) are biased, but whatever.

Revan is my third favorite Star Wars character. Actually, no. Darth Revan is.

Actually, had Order 66 not been initiated, the Republic would have won the war. And Plo Koon was one of the leading generals. He was a High General, which means that lesser Jedi would be under his command.

Of course Plo Koon would lose to Vader! Many of Plo Koon's most powerful abilities wouldn't really affect him. Force Lightning? Nope. Alter Environment? Maybe the removal of oxygen, but even then it is severely limited. Djem So? Plo Koon is arguably the second greatest practitioner of Djem So, Vader is the number 1.
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