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Overall I agree with you, but in general your statement reminds me of a river.... DeNile.

Name all of the Imp toons in your guild that re-rolled from Imp to Repside. I'll give you a few hours to think about it...

Ok, now name all the better Rep PvPers that re-rolled Impside. I'll give you 3 seconds on that one.

So yea, while I will agree that bad PVP is simply bad PVP there is no doubt where a lot of "competitive" PVPers went over the last several months (since Canderous Ordo). I can name a lot of them myself.

On the other hand, those of you better PVPers that did in fact roll Impside for the challenge, my hat's off to you. It's a real grind.
My whole guild, Cell Block, Rerolled Imps now that we have come back... so there =p
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