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Not sure you should have added that 1st bit, cause now hes gonna ask. "Well if hes the 3rd best pilot in the Order, then how come he got shot down?"

See! I beat him to the punch!
Who cares first , second , or third ? He could be the BEST EVER and by these Debats , him dieing to Clone Troopers would make every Force Using Pilot under him look bad .

This is not what I am saying Wolf , I am saying maybe there needs to be less Biased Attacks on Revan because everyones Favorite Characters can be torn down just the same.

If the FORUM HISTORIANS or CANON POLICE , whatever you guys want to be called want to correct the Reven Fanboys it should be done with less Biased and upmost just tear him down tactics.

I cannot respect anyone saying the follow Canon or Lore but just BIASEDLY attack Revan out of some Personal Dislike .
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