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Probably, but I tire of arguing with him.

I posted the Order 66 thread I made, but I doubt he even read it.
I did but at this point I am going to discard anything you write as it is wroten by a Biased Hand .

Revan is in my Top 10 favorite StarWars Characters and you belittle his character with extreme Bias ! Why should I respect anything you write when you Protect Plo Koon and put down Revan ?

Revan won Wars, Plo Koon lost the only War he seen ! Revan Lead Generals , Plo Koon was a General .

Take it how you will but as long as you show Biased when it suits you , I will never respect your Debat .

I am not arguing Revan will lose to Vader , I am arguing the point you are saying that he would get Steam Rolled.
Plo Koon would lose to Vader too !
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