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You're really going to use Order 66 as an accurate judge of Plo Koon's abilities? Your "logic" is flawed for a few reasons.

1. Plo Koon was in a STARFIGHTER. What did you expect him to do?
I do not know ..........use his ADVANCED SABER skill you go on and on about !
2. He trusted his Clone escort to watch his back. He never expected them to betray him.
So did Obi-Wan , Yoda , and the many other Jedi who did not die to Order 66 . They must been just greater huh ?
3. Sidious had stacked the deck so high against him (and the rest of the Jedi) to the point that there was no chance that he could get out of there.
But other Jedi did!

Even the mighty Revan would have been killed had he been in Plo Koon's position.
So because Plo Koon died by a Average Clone Trooper , You ASSUME Revan would too ? Maybe Revan would have been like Obi-Wan or the many other Jedi . Because not all of them died to Order 66.

If you are going to seriously use Order 66, make sure you have your facts right.
Yes because you know all the facts .
This should help you:
Plo Koon died to a Average Clone Trooper , Revan "Might" have died two 4 Above Average even Great Characters .

You see we have to put something else into this.

Revan like Vader, Luke , Bane , Exar Kun , Meetra , Kyle , Cade , Jaina , Anakin , is a MAIN CHARACTER not just a Character add that builds a Story .

Obi-Wan , less powerful and possibly less skilled than Plo-Koon survived Order 66 because he was Wiser and Probably much more Smarter ! If Anything Revan would have been that .

While in the start I respected you threads I have come to the conclusion that anything wroten by you is now Biased . You use Flawed Logic to attack a Character because of Lack of imformation on his skills and powers and use the knowing of someone elses to try to prove your point.

You never been in the Army , probably never taken up selfdefense class, or played chess . All of those teach you that not knowing someones skills but knowing the achieved wins shows that they are good at what they do . You would have us wash that all away because the lack of imformation of his skills and abilities . Revan won Battles , killed Jedi Masters and Sith Lords , and has lost to someone far more powerful than Plo Koon . I think its safe to say , Revan is not a Push over and has skills and abilities that even not so much know would be worthy of your GREAT Plo Koon to walk into a Fight ready to get it brought to him !

I do not think Revan would beat Vader but I think he would bring the fight to him and Vader would know he fought someone worthy !
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