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Didnt get much response to this in the tanking forum so trying the same post here.

Been wanting to tank but Im skeptical about everyone knowing me as a fail tank since LFG isnt server wide like it is in other games. I have tanked in other games and done a very good job but only because I found online guides for encounters so I had some idea of what to do when I got there. I havent found much on encounter guides and the ones I did manage to find only have EV and KP but not the newer stuff and are from like Feb so they have to be outdated. Are raids pretty easy to tank? Will be rolling a powertech if that matters. Also are there any new updated boss guides because google just brings back stuff from 9+ months ago? Or are they all easy and I dont have to worry about guides? I heard all FPs are faceroll except Lost Island might give some trouble but what about raids?
What sever are you in? Because that can help in deciding a guild.
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