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How many times do people have to say that this does not take precedence over bug fixes till it will sink into your skull? Obviously since the bug hasn't been fixed and other content has come out that either A: its a tough problem B: its not high on their list or priorities anyway C: still being looked into.

The world is not black and white, bugs fixed or unfixed. MMO's are a journey, not a destination.

Also, how is simply getting and answer to the question of whether SGR's are in the game or not taking away dev time from fixing things? That's all we want, a simple answer to a simple question. Its all the detractors that come in and try to cloud the issue. You've said you don't want this in the game. Fine, thank you, move along now. You have nothing more to add.

If you had seen what I replied to it was the fact that the person I was responding too said the group that thinks there are more important things to fix must be part of the gay is icky crowd thus my part of the post. I was pointing out no most are not, some are and this is an example of one issue that needs to be fixed that is important and has nothing to do with not wanting SGR's but hey keep reading into it what you want. You people don't read do you, I said I wish Bw would give you a flipping answer but yet again that part is overlooked too, why am I not surprised.