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So your contention, SithKoriander, is that story is irrelevant in SWTOR and should be abandoned?
My contention was, you say it's a Story driven MMO. The only difference I've seen in this story driven MMO and MMOs with a stroyline, is that the storyline is based on the class instead of everyone, and int he end, for a story driven MMO, everyone in the same class ends up in the same spot.

I love MMOs having a storyline. It adds to the game. But TOR's storyline isn't driven by the player anymore than anyother MMO, because all classes end up in the same place.

All SI's become part of the Dark Counsel. This doesn't change based on anything. Truthfully, with how the SI storyline starts out, I wouldn't have my SI support the Sith Empire. They hate aliens, the Empire had made her a slave, why would she support these people?

Why would she be a mindless killer (like many others play their Sith), and not try to bring balance to the force herself? It's a story driven MMO, so why wouldn't my SI do what she thought best (other than we know how canon plays out).

It's one of the reasons I thought the new SW MMO should be after RotJ. In the end, we know how the storyline ends (up to the movies/ the books can always be overwritten), so after RotJ actually gives you more freedom with your character. Not to mention you'd think the fanbase would like such things as owning an X-Wing, Imperial Fighter, ect ect

Basically, the hype over storydriven mmo, is just that, hype. It's not anymore story driven than TERA, CoH, DCUO, ect ect...everyone gets to the same place, with different cutscenes based on class. So saying "it's a story driven mmo and that's why they need to add it SGR" is a stretch (and I'm not even against it).

That said. Let's say they add in a companion you can have a SGR with (and I think it will happen, I just don't think it's this big omg important issue as some in this thread make it out to be)...are you telling me, this SGR will be a one size fits all?

Are you just going to have your character go with the SGR because it's a SGR? If that's the case, it's not really story driven. Is your character willing to go with a goodie two shoes? With a psychotic killer? Face it, if it's just one companion character that allows for SGR and all your characters have to have a SGR (which some people have said in this thread) then it's not about story, because all of a sudden all your characters either have to have the same taste in companions or you really aren't thinking "this is what my character would do" and thusly not caring about the story of your character in this story driven mmo.