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My main is sage healer, I've spent a little time in heal spec on my commando alt, And I've got a scoundrel heal spec that's level 24. Honestly, I'd say they're all pretty equal difficulty. Though I would say that the scoundrel dps in heal spec is almost equal to that of a level 24 dps spec commando. And at level 1 scoudrels are ridiculously OP. There is a bit a balance problem while leveling I think. The utility of stealth is pretty handy, but if you don't care for melee range positional attacks scoundrel isn't the right choice. I don't find the resource mechanic of any them to be easier, unless I'm really pushing the limits. In that situation, the sage benefits from having the linear rate of regen, with no penalty from getting low. The biggest difference for leveling I think is actually the companions. Sage starts with a melee tank. Scoundrel starts with a ranged tank, And commando gets a ranged tank at Nar Shadaa. I prefer the melee tanks myself because I like the delay between when I command them to attack, and the pull actually occurs.
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