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some good ideas, but a bit too complex for what is needed, from my point of view.

when i look at my Assault Spec VG vs. my Pyro Merc the main differences are simply: uninterruptable, mobile, burst damage. also, the ability to proc HiB without taking special precautions or getting interrupted.

all 61's Merc/PT vs. 61/58/58 modded VG, Merc is 100-200 DPS lower on training dummy. that is ideal situation, not moving, no interrupts, no kiting, etc.

in PvP, that can easily be significantly less, and will be for a merc, not nearly as much on VG. (no need to cast, CONSTANT movement)

easiest fixes to Merc are the simplest.

Merc/PT- remove cast on Powershot. still "weapons" damage, meaning tanks mitigate, plus uses non-tech accuracy (in no way OP). add a defensive CD, or improve current shield (i did like the physics immunity on shield).

Merc/Ars- mirror snipers. uniterruptable casting, improved defense (if no jump immunity).

instead of rewriting the game, nerfing classes, etc., take the successful classes, see what makes them successful, and adjust the others apporpriately.

no need to reinvent the wheel. how these changes can be made? just change the abilities themselves, or adjust thru AC choices.

i've since stripped all my mods from my Merc and sent to my VG. i'm done. it's almost maddening that my VG (who has 11 fewer 61 mods than my BH) is by far superior to my Merc in every way, minus healing.

my patience has been tested and defeated.
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