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The fact is that the game *does not* say it is OK for players in Tionese to go do HM LI.
One of BW has already said in this topic (see first BW post) that the flashpoint is "tightly balanced for tionese", that's what I'm having a dig at. It's sending the wrong message that a fresh 50 with no endgame experience can PuG it in tionese. There is no way you can just jump into LI HM as your first ever HM flashpoint and succeed, all you will be doing is wasting everyone's time.

As for gear drops, I'm not saying they should fill it full of rakata however they should get rid of the disappointing drops like tionese crystals and replace the with something more worthwhile as well as the quest reward itself should be a columi comm rather than a tionese one. There's too much junk in this flashpoint considering the difficulty and the only thing remotely exciting after the chest and mainhand drop is the very rare chance of a pet.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!