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I wonder what people will say what I am about to say.....

For a period of time... late 80's early 90's before the original trilogy was redone. (I wonder if Lucas redone them knowing he was about to do the prequels).... Star Wars was dead. There weren't many books written (or even popular unless you were hardcore), no figures being made, nothing. But when the original trilogy was redone, the figures came back out.. then the prequels... which then brought the Clone Wars, more figures, the popularity of star wars books including a number of pc games.. (KOTOR,SWG,and Swtor and future games like 1313.)
If it wasnt for the prequels, we would all just be remembering the originals and talking about how great it was. But star wars is for the future generations as well. Some people wont like the prequels but how many kids love them? Clone wars.. the same... My two boys 2 yo and 6 mo. stare at the Clone wars and my 2 yo runs and grabs his FX saber and Boba Fett weapon and start shooting up the tv when the droids are shooting....he grabs his Galactic Hereos and plays when the movie is on. A new generation. I remember seeing A new hope in the theater at 4 yo.. and now I can share them with my boys.

Prequels, despite not being all that good, was genius because now we are talking on the SWTOR forums and complaining in how they will mess it up and playing our 'badly created game' and wait for the new movies to come out.
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