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What I don't understand is why they keep posting in threads with subject matter they don't like. I tend to not open a thread on things I'm not interested in, and if I do, I rarely post in that thread. Yet some of these guys can't keep away from the sgr threads. It's like an obsession, but as you pointed out, without them posting so much, the threads would disappear quicker.
I don't get that either. If I really disagree with the nature of a thread, I respectfully stay out of it. I don't wish to bump some of those threads. Plus, I might be on the extremely opposite side of their view. I have enough of a sense of etiquette to just walk away from those threads without posting.

I keep telling them, "Thanks for keeping this visible!" That's exactly what they are doing. They are helping us.

See, things had been pretty quiet up until a month ago. I figure it made it that much easier for BW:A to not deal with and shove it aside. Then we got active. Man, I didn't want it to come to this levels of drama.

Part of me is glad that it did. The whole Sith storm that has arisen out of this is directly why BW:A needs to address this.

If the answer is no, then myself and others will move on. Some will continue playing ToR, like me; while others will probably be done with the game for good.

If the answer is yes, then this thread will continue. The active anger would all but cease though there would be some left over rumbling. Like with any player base over the mishandling of the information about their content. I know SGRs are just one example.

From what I can see, it would go back to how it was most of the time when I started posting back in early March.

We used to talk about some really cool ideas for a reset; favorite companions and why we would want a SGR with them. We used to talk about how the dialogue might be different and figuring out Erickson's comment about what "companions made sense" for this. However, we can't do any of that again until we get acknowledged.

These are great folk, but not saints. I'm sure that some won't get the companion they want. I'm sure some would be puzzled and/or saddened by how they handle it. You it is with every single other bit of content.

So no, threads about SGRAs will probably not stop, but the focus of them is going to be much more positive. So if one doesn't like it, they can just leave the thread alone.

Oh and the last couple of threads started in General? These were supporters that I had never seen or had only seen once in the thread. It isn't the same few people over and over again starting these threads.

We do need to bump the Did I hear this right? thread. It's our other spot outside of our special corner and we do need to take advantage of it.

Try not to feed the trolls if you can. Make one thing clear, above anything/everything else.

We just want an update. We don't even care what the bloody answer is, we just want a response. Try to ignore everything else that they try to throw out at us. Just keep repeating that we need this addressed now. Not necessarily implemented right now, but addressed for damn certain.

Wow! Okay, to the Powers That Be:

Ignoring this is making it worse by the day. Players are getting fed up with no answer as well as talking about why there is no answer. Just address the player base. Hoping it'll go away hasn't worked and now people are worked up.

By the way guys, please don't bring up RL statistics about sexuality. That made me flinch when I was reading that in yesterday's General forum. I know why it's tempting due to the "only the minority is gay," moronic excuse that is going around. Just ignore them and don't even feed them on that one. That's pretty obvious troll bait and they are only trying to make the rest of us look bad by trying to get a rise out of us.

As per Doup's request, I'm not going to start sending the letter out until Jan 1. Doup has to live with me and while he's a huge supporter, he doesn't like seeing me stressed about this too much. He took New Year's off just to spend time with me.