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this is your first MMO, I take. ok, you're excused.

I'm not sure how good we know each other, but considering you make an awesomely wrong assumption about me, I'm going to tell you this:

I am 'harassing' nobody. I don't feel 'treated well' and I am not entirely sure which 'community' this is all about, considering SW:TOR is the first MMO where you get NPC-romances thrown at you in this style. usually my relationships are entirely player-created, which has its pros because I am .actually. free in doing what ever the hell I want. granted I can still do that in this game (and funny enough I can have a same sex marriage between my own characters in the legacy)... but it doesn't change the fact that there's a huge mistreatment here still.

and THAT is my problem.

I can only point it out so often:
as long as there's no valid reason why there is OGRA but not SGRA I will assume every single person who whines there are 'more important things to fix in this game' is really just a part of the 'gay is icky' group.

(ps: I've 'stalked' you a bit; I fail to see where you're complaining in the topics about new warzones, more flashpoints, chat bubbles, sitting in chairs, the super secret space project....especially as you deem .this. specific content request so wrong that you even put it into your signature, let's just say I have an idea about you that is probably more on spot than your claims about me)
Nope its not, met my Husband on SWG actually...nerd love lol so yea nice try though. I don't PvP so I don't post there, rarely do FP since I hate my guild and its lead by an egomaniac and I don't play nearly as much as I would like due to school and work, chat bubbles are stupid and so WoW, hate space combat, always did even in SWG and sitting in chairs would be nice but other things should be done before that. Answer your question as to why I don't post in those threads.

I do want paid character transfers and posted about that last night, that is really the one thing other then bug fixes I want. since I have a lvl 44 and lvl 50 sitting on another server I want to bring to my current one. I have posted about that more then once and so have others, yet we have received nothing about it either which irks me to no end. You don't see me going to the media to get an answer about it. At some point it'll peeve me too much along with the ever present bugs and I'll talk with my wallet, probably around the 14th of January when University starts back up.

So you don't think things like game crashing after the end of BT or Foundry is important to fix, its been posted for a while about it, still no fix? I do because the times I do those FP it happens, it happens to my guildies as well, cant say I am not happy when it happens to our GM however. This has been an issue since 1.2 yet no fix, but hey its not important right, got ya.

They said why SGR's were not in at launch, this was something along with other crap they screwed up on from the get go and if sgr's were in the game at launch I would not be here. I said yesterday just give you lot an answer so this can go away and you get your precious answer. However BW is damned if they do, damned if they don't at this point thus why I am betting on the silence. They can't win either way when they do respond to this, some will be peeved if they don't put it in and I am sure make a stink, if the do the opposite and people will make a stink as well. I will just quietly leave and be done if it is put in. This media campaign is not going to help BW think hey maybe we should say something to the GLBT community asking for this. To add I must say the fact I have a stalker and have been called out by name in here is rather impressive I am memorable.