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My level? FYI I've tanked and DPS'ed LI HM with two of my alts in columi at the time (now they are full BH/optimized BH and pretty much storm through it), I have zero problem with LI HM myself.

The problem is when I see fresh 50's join a group wearing tionese who have little endgame experience, sure you can do LI HM in tionese when you have a voice server, already know tactics and know your class inside out but what about the fresh 50 who just got through the class story by facerolling one or two buttons and ignoring mechanics because they've been too forgiving up to that point, you're telling me that a player with zero endgame experience should be allowed to grab a tionese set and just jump straight in to LI HM simply because either you or a guild you know who know the mechanics inside out can do it in that gear?

From what I've seen from a PuG perspective is tionese players fail 99% of the time, not because the gear isn't enough but they don't have the experience, that's even more occurrent after the free tionese set was handed out in 1.6. How can you justify telling fresh players it's OK to try a tier 2 when really they should stick to the tier 1's for a while and learn the ropes?

That's what exactly you're doing by telling them it's OK and that they're bad for having more gear than the requirement, the only thing that's going to come from it is un-installs from frustration and catering for the few doesn't help BW gain more subs.
Ahhh... I see where you are coming from. (Ignore my "If you are one of those that isn't ready for it, consider yourself "educated"." dig at you. )

The fact is that the game *does not* say it is OK for players in Tionese to go do HM LI.

Go into Group Finder. The "Tier 2" checkbox is unselected by default. When you hover your mouse over it you get an explicit explanation of what is expected of you (gear wise) if you want to do that content.

As I said in my post before yours, if people are still selecting it when they are not ready for it it is not the game's fault. It is their fault. Not the "game's", not "yours" and not "mine". Theirs.
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