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My character name is Jedicarve (I am a sentinel) and I am looking for groups/guilds that are doing higher end raids. I am looking to do EC HM, EC NiM, TFB SM, and TFB HM. Here is my current gear and I will update it as I get better gear or change the mods that I have in them at the time. Please Friend me in game and I look forward to working with everyone. As a side note I do know all the fights.
Hey Jedicarve, glad to see you want to improve your gear and raid more! As a raiding sentinel, hopefully I can give you a few pointers that may help you to improve your present gear to make you more desirable for a raid leader to take you on.

For starters, like others have mentioned, your gear is not terrible. Much of the BH gear is endurance heavy and unless you have a full rakata set already in the bank it ends up being difficult to gear up properly since BH coms are easy to get if you simply run heroics every day. That being said, here are a few guidelines to follow when purchasing gear or switching out mods.

-Augment for strength vs. power. Strength provides for more consistent damage and will also give you a slight crit bonus. This should allow you to swap out mods/enhancements that are crit heavy for power.
-Mods/enhancements = power. Always go for power mods. Crit is a lousy stat for sentinels as diminishing returns does not favor stacking it. The only time this switches is the more power you have the more crit becomes important. As a rule though, power is first over crit.
-Switch out your relics. I'm seeing a tanking relic and the matrix cube in your mr.robot profile. Grab the war hero relic (nice power boost) and try to get the elemental or energy dread guard relic (see this thread for details on the proc relics...
-Guild up. If you can find a decent guild that will take you on you may be surprised how willing they are to help gear up new recruits.

But the most important thing is (I can't stress this enough) KNOW EVERY FIGHT LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR HAND! This is 1000x more important than the gear you bring to a raid and will be the most attractive feature you can tell the raid leader before a potential invite. If you haven't done the fights on HM or NiM get thee hence to youtube and do some filmwork.

Here is my present profile on Mr.Robot, criticize as necessary.
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