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12.28.2012 , 11:41 AM | #4571
There is a ton of detractors that ask to remove all romance content...but only with this topic. Only with the possiblity SGRs making into the game.

This is all my guessing and it isn't directed towards anyone in this thread. There are some...choice players from yesterday's General forum that it is directed to.

I don't think these people would ever admit that some of them got curious and did the OGRs and SGRs in either the ME or DA series. I also doubt that they would admit that they enjoyed the writing of the romance itself.

Yes, I think some of the very players we're dealing with now have done the SGRs in other games and liked it. It makes them uneasy that they could like something along those lines.

There are threads to make Companion X romanceable or to give more flirt/romance options for female characters. I've seen some of the trolls that have recently said, "All the romance in the game should be removed," post in support of those other romance related threads.

The only time I've seen them say that all romances should be removed and/or they suck is for SGRA threads. I do a lot of lurking.

So they claim to be against any and all romance content, but they post in support for future OGR content.


Way to take a stand there. Woo hoo.