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Of course it's doable by 3 people in tionese... with voice communication, previous experience, knows their class well etc. Are you kidding me?

The fact you seem to be forgetting is the argument is the gear should not be recommended for fresh 50 PuGs for this flashpoint, try playing with a random PuG group from group finder with everyone in just tionese and see if you get far.

The argument that "you can do it in tionese so everyone else can" is a bit like the devs turning around and saying they can do TFB naked now so it won't drop gear any more.

Gear requirements should be about finding a perfect balance of something that's not too easy but not too hard either, not just finding someone that's done it once in a certain piece of gear and saying that's the requirement.
I think you missed the point while still kind of getting it.

The movie shows that gear is *not a factor*: paying attention, knowing the fight and executing it *is a factor*.

You don't need voice communication. But you do need everyone to have (quoting you) "previous experience, knows their class well, etc".

HM LI doesn't *need* better gear drops. It simply states in a very upfront manner: "you have to be "this high" to ride this amusement". If you don't meet the "height requirement" don't do it. If you insist on doing it, make sure that you are up to it.

There is a reason it is not selected by default in Group Finder. When people go to select it there is a pop-up warning you that this content is "harder" and requires a certain level of gear. If people ignore that and go in anyway that is not the game's fault.

HM LI is a Tier 2 HM. It is a step up from the Tier 1 HMs and a step down from the SM OPs. Its rewards reflect that. The bosses drop Columi (instead of just the last boss as in the Tier 1 HMs) and the last boss drops the one piece of Columi not available by doing the Tier 1 HMs (the mainhand weapon) and a piece from the next gear level (Rakata chest).

If you want those rewards and you feel up to the challenge of doing this Tier 2 HM, select it in GF and go do it. If you find yourself in a group with people who are not ready for it, explain to them that this instance is not for them and that they have to "grow a little more" so that they can meet the "height requirement". Exit the group and queue again: at some point you will be queued with people who do have the "height requirement" and you will have a fun time and be rewarded accordingly.

Don't ask for the rewards to be increased. Don't ask for the FP to be nerfed. Educate people with you that it isn't for everyone. (If you are one of those that isn't ready for it, consider yourself "educated". )
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