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I made a thread on the codex for Republic players. Some of the info should help you. See below for some answers from my recollection.


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After the swtor-spy guide on 26/12/2012 i have
Persons Of Note 42/46 (warrior)

Alderan - Bouris Ulgo
Belsavis - HK 51
Hutta - Nem'ro hutt
Nar shadda - Halidrell Setsyn (Warrior) 100% bugged
Voss - Jokull
Re-do the quest "Primary Target" on Voss and during that quest you will defeat Jokull and obtain the codex entry.

Lore about denova codex? how to?
The codex entry for Denova is found in the Denova operation (AKA Explosive Conflict) by clicking on a blue-glowing mine cart in the tunnel past Zorn and Toth. It's not on the straight path through, you have to kill one additional set of mobs to get it.

do you have any info about these codex?
About PVP 24/26
The achievements "Ilum: Capture the Zone" and "Denova Novare Coast: Interrupted a Capture Attempt" are both currently bugged.
Istari - 55 Sage Seer, Jedi Covenant
Durnik - 55 Vanguard Tank, Jedi Covenant
Somera - 55 Combat Sentinel, Jedi Covenant
Laralanthalasa - 55 Sharpshooter Gunslinger, Jedi Covenant