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12.28.2012 , 10:56 AM | #89
Not much you can do for most of the bads, just last night at the start of a hutball I politely told a guy wearing a mix of recruit gear and bad pve gear he was better off wearing his recruit set then sporting 300 expertise, then was abruptly called a noob and was told to **** by some superstar arsenal merc who was also sporting a cool 1000 expertise wearing a mix of colmni and WH Same goof trash talked the whole pub team while we controlled mid, which he wouldnt of been able to do without a pocked healer (me), soon as we went up a few points i just let the guy die,
Overall I do think the pubs are better, that being said I solo que some most nights and i pretty much think you just get stuck in bad warzone cylces some days, and get stuck with the same bads, and up against better teams, I do find that pubs that play saturday afternoon are by far the worst tho, i generally hammer out my weekly on my alts that day :P
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