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Black Hole and Campaign is better than rakata, but just like rakata you have to optimize the mods and enhancements to get the full potential out of your role.

Where black hole stinks is that it does not have the set bonuses, this is solved by putting the black hole armor, enhancement and mods in the rakata shells or buying campaign armoring.

JediCarve you can take this with a grain of salt, my sentinel is only 2 weeks 50. However, she is already geared for HM TfB (even though I doubt I will ever see it on her since my main is a healer). First thing, you have done a great thing by getting fully augmented. I see way to many people just want to be pulled through Ops for gear. Augments show me that you are serious about wanting to be a asset to the group. Still you need to replace them with strength augments instead of power. Strength is your mainstat and will give you the greatest bang for the augment. Next replace the guardian armor, your toon is way too endurance heavy.

What you want to do is stack strength as high as possible, then get Accuracy 285 to 300, Surge 285 to 300 and Crit around 300 (difficult one since most of your gear is going to be crit heavy), then stack power as high as possible without scarifying strength. Personally I am doing this by getting rid of the power crystals for Crit one (to me that makes it easier to balance the other stats).

You did a good thing putting your information on Mr. Robot, it gives people a chance to help you gear properly. You have to take criticism with a grain of salt, there is nothing wrong with your gear, but there are serious ways to improve it so that you can achieve your full potential. People will progress at different speeds due to time limitation to play and what drops. I hope you will understand and reconsider putting your information back on Mr. Robot. Trust me, your gear was not that bad, I have seen Guardians with Aim and Cunning gear. I donít have my Sentinel on Mr. Robot yet, like I wrote only been 50 for 2 weeks and gear is changing daily. However, if you want you can poke fun at my Sawbones (this is slightly out of date, but pretty close).

A good group could pull your current gear though SM TfB easily, but you have some work to do to be ready for HM TfB or NiM EC. Join a guild, easiest way to see that content and fastest way to get geared properly. Trust me, a good guild will improve you as a player and help you understand the game mechanics as well as your class better.