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Wrong, rakata and black hole have the exact same mods, armorings, and enhancements just a higher stat budget.

I do agree that the BiS mods ect. might not come in the piece you bought, but for each class there is only really ever 1 piece that has bis stuff in them.

The part i made bold, thats called min maxing. If your not doing it, your only hurting yourself and your raid cause you cant carry your weight...
You are partially right if talking about specific mods. Like a deft or aptitude mod you are completely right. The problem with black hole gear is that it comes naturally with the endurance heavy mods and armorings. For a sentinel many black hole pieces come with guardian armorings instead of might ones. Most rakata and I believe all campaign comes with the correct armorings and mods now as a whole set you may get to much of one thing and not enough of another but that is really up to each player to figure out an optimize their own gear. All I was trying to point out is for each class there are a few black hole pieces that have more of the better mods and enhancements for min maxing than others do. And sometimes you need to buy 3 pairs of boots to min max yourself appropriately. You seem like a smart guy who knows his stuff but the original comment was meant to guide the OP to look at his gear and start min maxing it.

Back to the OP, it would be really nice if you stated your server. If your on mine I would be glad to drag you through an op or two. If you are skilled enough and good at taking instructions during the harder ops (both of these things are way more important than gear) I would be glad to invite you to our private pugging channel. It is mostly used by unguilded guys who want to do ops but don't want to join a progression guild.