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Height: 5`6"
Birth Planet:Apatros
Class: inquistor
Advanced Class: assassin
Primary Weapon: The force
Secondary Weapon: lightsaber the hilt is haped like a krayte dragon
Misc Items: Her robe`s are made from kilik silk, and interwoven phrik metal
Force Abilities:
Force crush
Force scream (if suddenly in pain)
Force lighting (not mastered but can bolt and stun)
Force cloak
Force push and shove and other Telekinesis power`s
Force run and jump
she also naturaly good at gymnastic

Personality: Loyal to the empire, and the empoer(unsual in a sith) Has a like for all thing`s echani, espeicaly their red wine. Also hate`s rudeness, but she is slightly elitist. She does like to be a, little childish at time`s.
She spent the early day`s of her life, on apatros as a slave in cortiss mine. Where she helped prepare the food, for other slave miner`s. During a slave revolt, she was discoverd as a force sentive. Then after slave revolt was other, she was packed off to koriban to become initate.
As an initate she was trained by, overseer remel. Over this time she was taught, how to maniuplate the force. As well as the sith code, and what it meant. Her final test as an initate, was to be thrown into arena. Their she faced other intiate, one was her best freind. They teamed upto till end, then she stabed in the back. As he laid dying she appolgised , but it was him or her. She then accepted as an acoylte,and put it to group of six to prepahre to become an apprentice.
In her trial`s she went off world, to drummond kass. Where her enemy, was the planet it self and it`s wild life. Then she had to be judge and jury, to group of convict`s. Her next was to get an artifact, from a tomb. She failed to get it, but she waited till one of other`s where leaving. Then ambushed him, and after a quick fight she killed him. Her final trial was a race, who could kill the tomb raider`s. Though the was sitpulation, they had to come back with most of korriban troop`s they when down with. The other acoylte was quicker, but lost more men. Sabrina then had the honur, of beheading him.
After that she traveled to tattoine, to meet her new master.

hope not to late re organised bio for you not been near computer due to chrismas
also my master darth vergas is optional char for the op so they can direct my play