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How about we think of the fact that vader was a glorified whiny force using cyborg who was defeated by 1 sith lord (who I say was less powerful than vitiate (another time another thread)) and revan is a ****** who survived being fired at by an entire barage of lasers, a planetary extinction event (save the rakghouls), a gigantic mega bomb on malachor V, survived for 3 hundred years while actually influencing vitiate into thinking temporary peace was in his best interest, and was only killed after 2 sith lords, a cipher agent, and the grand champion of the great hunt tracked him down and may not have even killed him (wheres the corpse Bioware?) after facing lightning, meteores, and a mastery of saber combat. ok i give vader credit for being a saber master too but still it took much more to kill revan than vader who died essentially from circuit overload and suffocation.

You clearly didn't look at the scans I put up on pages 34/38.
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