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At the time we had 9 active raiders in our guild. We now have 8 (we lost the Sentinel). We just happen to have 3 Smugglers, 3 Consulars, and 2 Troopers. We didn't go out of our way to avoid Knights, it just kind of worked out that way.

You can beat it without so many Smugglers, other groups have done it.
ah i see so more a case of who you had rather than this is best group set up. as vanguard dps my main i hope to get into nim soon ;p
Voyseiri - 50 vanguard, Zi'Kino - 50 sentinal, Nosrionel - 50 gunslinger, Libieso - 50 shadow, Llorak - 50 powertech, Mibanax 50 - Sorc, Reiqui - 50 Juggernaut and a few lowbies