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...Essentially, SWTOR should've been the successor to KOTOR.

Hindsight is always a great thing and it's easy to see why SWTOR was made as an MMO. When it was started, WoW was booming and making tonnes of cash per month. EA wanted their own WoW, I'm sure!

Whatever the case, it now is very clear that the game would've been far better as an RPG launching with:

Two player characters Sith and Jedi with a choice if you want to go down either the Knight/Warrior or Consular/Inquisitor paths (much like KOTOR).

Each side would have the choice of two different stories (i.e. essentially the x4 Jedi/Sith stories that we have in-game) each depending on what path you choose.

Probably less incidental quests i.e. just the class quests and the main planet story thread quests.

The current Flashpoints would be like some of the class quest instances.

Probably less planets (an RPG has less $ development budget) and more a linear story-driven scripted progression through them with real choices and consequences.

If the game went well, then extra class stories (Smuggler & Bounty Hunter) and extensions to your class quests.

I'm saying this as the story is bar far the best part of the game. I don't think that SWTOR ever got credit for it and sadly - in retrospect - the story can't shine in an MMO. I think it would've done in an RPG.
No thank you. I've spent xx days in SWTOR. I plan on spending xxx days more. By making it an MMO we get the best of every aspect. PvP'ers can PvP. Solo players can solo. Instances, raids. Great story with other classes aswell.

Lets face it, KOTOR 3 would have been a tiny shell of what SWTOR is today and what it will become. A single player game would have a tiny budget compared to SWTOR, thus a ton of features most likely a lot of the voiceover which makes this game unique and awesome would probably have been too costly. Instead Bioware let us, the players, the fans deicide what we would play as in the great Star Wars universe. Without being bound by canon set in stone.

Also what you are suggesting would mean every single player who enjoys SWTOR's Smuggler, Trooper, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent class could F*** Off. I personally think that is rude and narrowminded of you. Not everyone wants to play as sith/jedi. In fact a great deal of players don't play as sith/jedi.

Even though SWTOR have lost subscribers, I'm sure they've made tons of cash to make up for the cost of making the game and after F2P launched they've earned tons more. Hell the Cartel Market must be a great cashflow. I know I've spent enough $ there for a good amount of what a monthly sub would cost.
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