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I played when the game was first released then took a break. I played a commando before and am doing so again. Before I leveled as a healer and just used my DPS companion. Is this a complete waste of time? If not, could you help me with some possible builds? Should I go into DPS before I go into heals at all?

Any help would be great thanks.
I'm leveling my commando as a healer and finding it really simple to do. I'm using the combat medic tree and I'm doing the odd FP/WZ. Questing is ok as commando have a lot of AOE so trash packs aren't a problem. Either use the Mortar volley when off CD or Plasma Grenade and mix in some other moves that AOE. I'm loving it and personally I've started using tank companion for hard elites and normal trash using Aric. He is pretty good at mowing down trash.

All in all I feel its as speedy as any other with more control over how long you survive and also how long you can keep your companion alive.