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Its your approach on how you play that class. Back when i had my sorc and just hit 50 going into wz's (before 1.4) i didnt have much problems while being in orange gear still and zero expertise. You need to learn when and how to stun,push and force speed away to avoid getting hit. I knew i was going to get slapped around easy but with my playing skills that didnt realy happend to much and everytime i went into wz's they tend to gang up on me and even when its same factions. Not claiming to be the best sorc but i knew how to use what i got. Btw i was full heal spec too.

If you dont learn you wil never be happy with any class you roll.
You have absolutely no clue about what you are talking about. The sorc is weak even with min/maxed warhero! Stop spreading lies!