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Quote: Originally Posted by Arglaar View Post
You know, I really don't like Warzones, and I have no desire to play them.
In that vein, I wish BW would just remove them from the game so threads about them would stop popping up on the forums and I can be done with them.

Hmm, I don't like really like class balance either. I wish they would remove all the threads about that too.

Oh yea, and the crew skills. Those are bothersome. Take that out too.

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Look, we understand that you don't like SGRs, and consequently you wish to deny EVERYONE ELSE on the PLANET access to them too, (thank you very little) but there is an easy solution to this.
Typically these threads are VERY CLEARLY MARKED as to what they contain. You could just, you know, NOT READ THEM.

As was said in a previous post, We all pay the same amount here, so everyone's opinion is just as valid, however, just because you feel strongly against something, doesn't mean you should be able to deny others of that which they desire, just because it conflicts with your interests.

For now, all people are asking for is some word from BW/EA on where this direction is headed.

Your best bet, honestly is to just pass these threads by when you see them. If you happen to see someone continuously posting about it, then you can put that person on ignore and you'll never have to hear from them again.

Either way, problem solved.
Actually, the difference is, all those things you mentioned are in game. SGR isn't. Also, not all opinions are valid, just because everyone pays to play.

1) Not everyone pays to play anymore.

2) If I keep getting beat in 1 on 1 PvP so I make post over post about nerf said class, would you consider it valid post, even when it turns all other classes but one into complete garbage to play, even from a PvE standpoint?