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Quote: Originally Posted by natashina View Post
Well, they didn't do that. They did promise updates, so we're holding them to that.

You say that then say it's on the players, not BW-Austin for lack of communication.

You've also said that your opinion is that BW shouldn't say anything, due to this whole thing being a catch .22

However, you've also said that you'd like us to get an answer and that you are in support of this content.

I've been watching your posts over the last day and you keep finding new arguments that keep getting debunked. So I'm at a loss as to your logic. It's really all over the place and contradictory at best.

In short, I give you a 8/10, because you added something to the conversation. Yet, I know a troll versus a detractor when I read one.

From Urban Dictionary:
Actually, nothing I've said has been debunked. Vast majority of players don't care. This hasn't been debunked. Instead it's a few players saying "Well I..." not realizing they are the few but thinking because they want it, they're a majority (they're not).

What I think is best for BW/EA doesn't mean it's what I want as a player. I'd like answers to all my questions. But for the company itself, best bet is to say "No promises" I thought I've stayed consistent on that. Perhaps you just don't see the difference?

Hell as a player, I'd like more body customization over SGR. While I don't think every player cares on that, I do think way more would rather have full body customization. Sooo...why not spend time on that instead?

And my point still stands, if they did answer the question, and it wasn't what the posters who want it wanted, they'd just complain of broken promises or "5 years later is doesnt count as after launch" which by the way, posters have already said doesn't count after just a year.

I'm not detracting. I'm just thinking the player base would rather have other things more, that if they kept with the gameplay it has so far, would keep the cutscene creators busy. New planets? Need new cutscenes! New Classes? Need new cutscenes!

Don't actually know if they need new cutscenes for new races though. Don't think they'd need new cutscenes for new Advance Classes either. And as I mention that, I'd rather have new cutscenes put in that actually reflected my advance class choice over a new romance option (and I like the romance option as IT IS fun...but it's a fun I'd rate at the bottom of overall game play) my Jedi and Sith use TWO lightsabers, not one. My IA doesn't have a blaster pistol equipped, so why does she keep drawing one? At least with my smuggler I can think "Okay, she just grabbed one for now."

And I'd see those additional cutscenes way more often than "Oh hi. I like you. Ever think of having kids? Settling down? Want to go back to the room without a door and keep the rest of the crew awake?"