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You should note that Quesh is a pretty useless planet. You don't even need to do anything there but your class quest and leave. The entire world is unimportant from a gaming standpoint. Maybe at some point BioWare will expand it and make it a PvP zone. But right now, there's nothing there worth doing that a few PvP matches and some FP's won't do for you already.
Uh okay. Not sure if this is directed at me, but if it is, good work at picking out one part of my post and ignoring the rest. I am well aware of it's significance (or rather lack thereof) in the grand scheme of things. Doesn't change the fact that it failed to connect me with the Jedi Consular and the Rift Alliance at all. Imp Agent had a pretty significant role there for his/her class story (will avoid spoilers in case ppl are playing through that part), and the SW had a pretty major changing point in his/her story there as well.