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Depends on what you mean by "greater". Accomplishments-wise: Revan. He fought in two wars and challenged the Sith Emperor himself.

Power-wise: I don't want to get into it...

Trying to mellow out the topic over here...

Edit: And dying in an unspectacular way is not indicative of the power said person holds. Look at Sidious.
Look at Sidious?
He was killed by Vader and later by Luke EU GOD Skywalker. Spectacular ends either or .
Sidious with all his abilities and power , could not see or defend himself from being tossed down a shaft to his doom.
Just a point to throw out there that just because you have the ability to see the future , does not mean you can always see it !

I am not saying Plo Koon is not worthy of being called a Great Jedi , I am just point out that if we went by your rules and people like you Plo Koon suddenly does not look so "GREAT" .
I for one will tell you a death by something that low does not mean he was less , but people have stated because Revan died at the Foundry to 4 PCs that all become Great Characters , all 4 were Great at that point as well , that somehow Revan was weak !

Lets look at these Clone Troopers.
Anyone remember EP4-6? There updated Versions could not hit a target right in front of them , going by the ever G-Canon Movies ! But older versions , Clone Troopers from teh Clone Wars took out Plo Koon with ease .

So if you say , Revan vs so and so and hes always going to lose , well I say .........."He could have been Plo Koon and been taken out by a Average Clone Trooper "

This is all by using your thinking and it does not work as well as you think . I respect Plo Koon and think hes a cool character , but by your logic and debat , hes not that Great. Seemingly being blinded I guess kept him from defending himself with all his Great Powers and Skills against a No Force Connection Troopers whos lives usually were not that long.
Its safe to say , Revan killed many troopers Sith and Republic who could probably Pew Pew with the best of them and defended himself and others from said troopers. With from what you would state less powers and skills than Plo Koon .
So I would say "Well Revan must have been better with what he had then than Plo Koon and all his POWERFUL GREAT Powers and Skills" .
^ See how this all works out ?

Edit: I been trying to stay out these debats but I can see they needed a little Salt from me.
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