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Let me ask. You get the SGR, you going to keep rerolling to do those over and over and over again? People will do that for clicking 1-0 though. I don't suspect many would do it to marry Mako over and over again. I don't suspect people would do it again and again if it was my suggestion of a Cartel Market companion.
Me, personally? I won't need to keep rerolling. I only have 3 characters that are out of the Starter Planets, and only 2 of them are Max level, a male Sith Warrior that went OGR with Vette and female BH that skipped doing Romances due to not having SGRs. (Yes, Torian got my Mako ), The one that's not max, a Sith Inquis, I wanted to re-roll anyways since I am unhappy with how I had been playing him so far.
However, the lack of SGRs have prevented me from playing ANY of the light-side content, and also from re-rolling the before-mentioned Inquis.
So, Yes, the lack of SGRs is preventing me from experiencing much of the "content" this game has to offer, and thereby, adding them in is just like adding "New" content to me.
As an aside, I am a continuous subscriber, and I have been since Early Access. I stopped playing the game when Secret World came out and I haven't returned to playing full-time due to the fact that SGRs are not implemented yet. I've continued to subscribe the entire time that I haven't been playing because I believed in Bioware and I believed in SWTOR and I wanted to help them succeed.
However, my sub is due to renew in Feb, and I'm not sure I'm going to let it if something isn't communicated soon.