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12.27.2012 , 09:05 PM | #106
It's kinda sad that it takes so much effort just to have a fun match in rated.

IF MAYBE people could put their egos aside and not have to roll an "A team" every time they queue for rateds, maybe more people would be throwing together random groups, or less than ideal guild groups. That goes for both sides, not pointing fingers at any specific teams/people.
Just my opinion, but for what is considered "preseason"(whatever BW means by that), people take this way too seriously. We all play to have fun, lighten up, not everybody needs to roll the same team make up every time they queue up.
This is obviously a biased opinion because I'm a dps scoundrel. lol

But still... once it is "regular season" or cross server rated is ever introduced, then I will say form your uber groups and try to be the best. Bragging rights might actually mean something then.