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I'll say right off the bat, I liked Act 1. It was pretty solid. Nothing amazing, but solid. Everything was connected together, and you were unraveling this mystery of what exactly was plaguing the Masters and who was truly Parkarnas.

Act 2 and Act 3, however, just fell flat for me. For Act 2, it started off pretty solid. I LOVED Balmora. Such a good story there, and fighting Darth Lacharis (one of my favourite Darths) was epic. But, it didn't really connect with anything else. I didn't see the relevance of going to Quesh, of going to Hoth. There was no build up to the final battle of Act 2. It just felt like a bunch of small stories thrown together with very little attaching them to one another. Sure you got the Rift Alliance as the main motivation, but I never got to know anybody on the Rift Alliance. The same can be said of Act 3. Sure I got the Children of the Emperor now, but going from planet to planet, I just didn't feel the same connection that I felt like with the Imp Agent. With the Imp Agnet, I loved it when I was called back to HQ to talk with Watcher 2 and Keeper. And then the people you meet along the way on your journey: Darth Jadus, Watcher X, Arden Kothe, Hunter, so MANY good NPCs that just made the story come alive Sure, learning about the Esh-Ka and the Voss Mystics was neat, but it just felt meh.

Maybe it's because of the companions. Of the four stories I've played through (Trooper, SW, IA, and Con), I felt they were the least impressive. Same for the VA for the male Consular (I only play male PCs). He just kind of grated on me after a while. There's also the fact that I just never connected to the story outside the beginning, and even then I wasn't blown away by Act 1.