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I consider it viable content. Even being Straight, the opportunity to involve a Female character in a Same Gender romance would actually be fun for me and it would be interesting to see how BioWare has that play out with the story. sure people will go Male/Male as well, but that's their choice and it's no business of anyone elses to say whether it's right, wrong, or whatever. It is something that people can enjoy and I can say that a fair number of people have been waiting on this content since before SWTOR was even released.

I don't feel SWTOR is dying. The fact it's even survived for a year is a good sign. Other MMO's didn't do so well. Aion? Rift? Games that started out with big sales, and then dropped hard because their content wasn't as good as the hype. That is partially because everyone was fighting to be the next "World of Warcraft". I don't feel SWTOR tried to do that, because it's a Sci-Fi/Fantasy universe and not pure fantasy. Because it is the world of Star Wars, for people who have been fans of it since the 70's and beyond.

If we look back, the game is already a success. Half a million copies sold at launch. That alone made it a success. Everything after that was gravy. Yes, there have been issues. Every game has issues and bugs and problems. Too many people expected it to have Everything that WoW had, but right at the start. That simply wasn't going to happen. WoW had been updating and upgrading and adding new Expansions and content for 7yrs before SWTOR hit the shelves. Expecting it to be on the same development level at the start is pure folly. The only way SWTOR could develop more was for people to actually play it first.
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